does anyone have a light and fluffy no-thinking-required won’t-break-your-heart show that i could start?

bc i’m drawing a blank.

07/01/12 @ 12:07PM
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  1. culkins said: icarly :33 ummm, bu liang xiao hua (miss no good) is a really fluffy fairly light hearted and often silly taiwanese drama, the mighty boosh? idk
  2. fourthseasonsoldier said: ….white colllar?
  3. falulatonks said: have you watched the 10 things i hate about you tv show? it’s really light stuff but wow i enjoyed it a lot.
  4. antoinetripletts said: … i don’t think that show exists
  5. jenherself said: drop dead diva
  6. mschrader said: raising hope!
  7. formerlyconnietough said: downton abbey
  8. flannelgan said: true blood
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